IDFC First Bank DSA

IDFC First Bank DSA Partner Key Highlights

Direct Selling Agent is a professional financial mentor providing various products and services to their clients. Once registered with an IDFC First Bank DSA, they can also give advice and provide loan services to their clientele.

Working as a DSA Partner with IDFC First Bank is a great platform for career growth, they provide additional support in the form of various financial services such as tax planning, investment decisions, etc.

It is the best opportunity, especially for real estate agents, insurance agents, travel agents, and sales agents.

Benefits of Working as an IDFC First Bank DSA Partner

  1. Zero Investment- You don’t need to invest anything to become IDFC first bank DSA partner.
  2. Direct Transfer- DSA Partners should get a direct weekly payout which is directly credited to their bank account.
  3. Paperless Documentation- The documentation process is completely online and hassle-free with quick disbursement.
  4. Dedicated Assistance- IDFC First Bank provides dedicated support through its relationship manager & its central helpline team.
  5. Track Cases- You can effortlessly track your cases directly on the IDFC my first partner app.
  6. Brand Recognition- Partners get the opportunity to work directly with the IDFC First Bank and participate in recognition programs or events.

IDFC First Bank DSA Partner Eligibility Criteria

  • Nationality: Partner must be an Indian Citizen to register for IDFC First Bank.
  • Age Limit: DSA age must be above 18 years.
  • Additional Eligibility: You must have a savings account with any bank operating in India.

Documents Required to Become IDFC First Bank DSA

  • A scanned image of your PAN card is required
  • Address Proof- A scanned image of your Aadhar, Passport, or Voter ID is mandatory
  • Submit your bank account details (A/C number and IFSC Code)
  • GSTIN details are not mandatory

Steps for IDFC First Bank DSA Registration

Step 1. Contact IDFC First Bank: Reach out to IDFC First Bank through their official website or different contact channels to show your interest in becoming a DSA partner.

Step 2. Complete Application Form: Fill in the application form completely provided by the bank, along with all necessary documents.

Step 3. Documents Verification: The bank will verify your details in the application form and documents. Approval is granted upon successful verification of all documents.

Step 4. Agreement Signing: The partner needs to sign the agreement or contract provided by the bank outlining the all terms and conditions of the partnership.

Step 5. Training and Orientation: The agent can participate in any training sessions provided by the IDFC First Bank and familiarize yourself with their products and all procedures.

Step 6. Commencement of Business: Once permitted, you can start promoting and selling IDFC First Bank’s products and services as a DSA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for IDFC First Bank DSA

1. Who can become an IDFC First Bank DSA partner?

Any individual whose minimum age is 18 years can sign up. My First Partner App also provides a wide opportunity specially for Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Travel Agents, and Sales Agents.

2. I do not have a bank account in Indian Bank. Can I still proceed with my DSA partner application?

A bank account number is compulsory for anyone to continue with the DSA registration process. All payments are made to the bank account provided by the partner during registration.

3. What is the complete process log in to the My First Partner App?

You can simply log in to the MyFIRST Partner App by using your mobile number and date of birth. An OTP will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number immediately. You can sign in once the OTP is entered.

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