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CASHe Personal Loan Complete Details

CASHe offered short-term personal loans to salaried individuals from Rs.1,000 to Rs.4 Lakhs for loan tenure ranging from 3 months to 18 months with instant disbursement through the smart loan App at a starting interest rate of 2.25% per month. Through CASHe AI-based SLQ engine you will be let know your current credit profile status.

CASHe Personal Loan Key Highlights
Loan Amount Rs.1000 to Rs.4,00,000
Loan Tenure 3 Months to 18 Months
Interest Rate 2.25%  to 2.50% per month
Processing Charge Up to 3% of the loan amount + GST
Occupation Salaried Employee
Minimum Income Rs.15,000 to Rs.50,000 per month

Features of Benefits of CASHe Personal Loans

  1. No restrictions on the fund’s final use- Personal loan use is not restricted to a specific purpose only. You can use the money for any kind of personal expenses (personal or professional).
  2. Quick approval and disbursal- Subject to meeting the lender’s pre-defined creditworthiness, you can get your loan approved and disbursed generally within a day.
  3. Flexible repayment tenure- You can choose the loan duration as per your repayment capacity for up to 18 months.
  4. Collateral-free loan- collaterals are not provided for getting a personal loan, it is one of the most important reasons why people opt for a personal loan. But, some lenders may charge a higher interest rate just because it is unsecured.
  5. 100% digital platform- CASHe is a paperless and App-based instant personal loan provider. The borrower can download the App from the google playstore or apple store.

Eligibility Criteria for CASHe Personal Loan

The creditworthiness of borrowers is calculated using a refined algorithm that mines the borrowers’ phones and social networks and requests basic information to know your SLQ score and a loan eligibility amount.

  • The borrower must be an Indian resident.
  • Salaried professional of a registered organization.
  • Borrower’s minimum age limit must be more than 21 years.
  • The minimum net income required is Rs.15,000 per month.
  • Borrowers without credit history can apply and avail of personal loans with CASHe.

The following key information illustrates the loan eligibility and loan disbursal limits

Loan Tenure Loan Eligibility Limits
3 months Up to 110% of net monthly salary
6 months Up to 210% of net monthly salary
9 months Up to 310% of net monthly salary
12 months Up to 400% of net monthly salary
18 months Up to 500% of net monthly salary

Eligibility of personal loan amount in terms of salary

Salary Minimum Loan Amount Maximum Loan Amount
Rs.15,000 Rs.15,000 Rs.1,10,000
Rs.20,000 Rs.25,000 Rs.2,10,000
Rs.25,000 Rs.50,000 Rs.2,58,000
Rs.40,000 Rs.75,000 Rs.3,00,000
Rs.50,000 Rs.1,25,000 Rs.4,00,000

Mandatory Documents Required for CASHe Personal Loan

Below are the quick lists of the documents you need to upload for your instant personal loan application:

  • Identity Proof– PAN Card/Aadhar Card/Passport/Driver’s License
  • The last 3 to 6 month’s bank account statement or latest salary slips which show the salary credited into the account
  • Permanent address proof- (anyone of the following: Passport/driver’s license/ latest utility bill-landline, water, electricity, or gas/voter ID card/rental agreement).
  • If the current address is different from the permanent address. In this case, you can submit any one of the following documents: Leave and license agreement (current residence)/utility bill.
  • Upload your selfie as proof of photograph.
  • Upload the following documents in jpg format. And, make sure the documents you upload on the app are readable and self-attested.

Once the documents are verified and approved, they will process your online loan, and later sanctioned loan is credited to your bank account.

Note- Documents verification process: PAN Card shall be verified electronically from the Income Tax Website so as to determine the exactness of the PAN Number and matching name from the Income Tax website. The PAN card/ Aadhar card/ Voter’s ID verification may be carried out by an independent Agency.

CASHe Personal Loan Interest Rates

CASHe interest rates for personal loans range between 2.25% to 2.50% per month. Their interest rate is based on the borrower’s occupation, income, loan duration, and loan amount.

Loan Tenure Interest Rate APR
90 days or 3 months 2.50% per month 30.42%
180 days or 6 months 2.40% per month 29.20%
270 days or 9 months 2.25% per month 27.38%
360 days or 1 year 2.25% per month 27.38%
540 days or 1.5 years 2.25% per month 27.38%

CASHe Personal Loan Processing Fees and Other Fees

The processing fee from CASHe is charged every time you are taking an instant personal loan from CASHe. But, the processing charge is minimal.

Loan Tenure Processing Fee/Charges
3 Months Rs.85 for loan amounts between 0 to Rs.5,999.

Rs.500 for loan amounts between Rs.6,000 to Rs.33,333.

1.50% for principal loan amount between Rs.33,334 and Rs.99,999.

6 Months Flat Rs.1200 or 2% of the loan (whichever is higher).
9 Months Flat Rs.1200 or 2% of the loan (whichever is higher).
1 Year Flat Rs.1200 or 2% of the loan amount (whichever is higher).
1.5 Year Flat Rs.1000 or 3% of the loan (whichever is higher).

Late Payment Penalty- They charge a 0.7% interest fee penalty if you default on the EMI or do not repay after the 5-day interest-free grace period.

How to avail Instant Personal Loan from CASHe

  1. Install CASHe App- You need to download CASHe App from the google playstore because it is an App-based lending platform.
  2. User Login- The user needs to login first to avail CASHe personal loan by registering through your social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus accounts)
  3. Basic Information- Fill in all basic details to know your personal loan eligibility, and enter the required loan amount and tenure also.
  4. Submit Major Documents- The borrower needs to upload all KYC documents required such as identity proof, PAN card, latest salary slip, bank statement, etc. by using the app.
  5. Disbursal of Loan Amount- Once your online personal loan application is approved, they transfer the funds directly to your bank account.

Various Types of CASHe Instant Personal Loans

Here are the different types of CASHe personal loans you must know about it.

  1. Two-wheeler Loan- It is a type of personal loan secured for the purpose of purchasing a new or secondhand two-wheeler for convenience.
  2. Travel Loan- It is a personal loan available for the purpose of travelling or going on a trip.
  3. Mobile Loan- Mobile phones are used for conducting day-to-day professional and personal purposes. This personal loan is available for purchasing a new or secondhand mobile.
  4. Marriage Loan- It is a personal loan provided for the purpose of taking care of wedding-related expenses to make a grand ceremony.
  5. Home Renovation Loan- It is a personal loan open for the purpose of renovating your house because home renovation is expensive.
  6. Education Loan- It is a personal loan secured for pursuing your dream education, it will take care of tuition and higher education costs.
  7. Consumer Loan- CASHe consumer loan is secured for the purpose to purchase essential household items or luxury items.
  8. Car Loan- It is a type of personal loan secured for the purpose of purchasing a new dream car or secondhand car.
  9. Medical Loan- It is a kind of personal loan secured for the purpose of taking care of medical emergencies and unplanned expenses.

Pros and Cons of CASHe Personal Loan

Following are the pros and cons of availing a personal loan from CASHe as per ratings and reviews of the existing users of the CASHe App.

                                 PROS                                 CONS
Fewer documents are needed Customer service is not good
Trustworthy app Processing speed is slow
Great user interface Charges or fees are high
No hidden charges
Users can track their spending and credit score

CASHe Personal Loan App Ratings & Reviews

You can read the below table for app and user review details.

1. Playstore Rating 3.7*/5
2. Number of Downloads 1 Crore+
3. Number of Users Review 2,43,626
4. Content Rating 3+
5. App Size 43 MB
6. OS Required Android 5.0 and Up
7. App Permissions Calendar, Camera, Location, Telephone, SMS, Storage, and Other

The rating given by the users for CASHe App is notable on google playstore.

CASHe Personal Loan Customer Care Details

You can reach out to CASHe customer care via any of the following modes mentioned below:

  • To know more about CASHe you can write to for any concerns.
  • You can also fill up the online form available on the official website of CASHe to resolve any queries.
  • WhatsApp boot number for 24*7 chat support: +91-8097553191

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for CASHe Personal Loan

1. How to check CASHe personal loan status?

Borrowers need to log into their CASHe account and click on “check personal loan status” to know about their application and disbursal of the loan amount.

2. Can I change my personal loan request?

You cannot make any further changes to your loan amount after final approval is given to your loan request.

3. Can I re-apply with CASHe after a previous rejection?

Yes, you can re-apply after 3 months after the earlier rejection. If you feel that your application needs to be accessed again or if you believe that there have been major improvements in your creditworthiness since last time.

4. Can I foreclose the loan before the due date?

Yes. Making payments before the due date raises your SLQ score. However, the interest payments are deducted at source at the time of loan disbursement and this amount will not be reimbursed in such situations.

5. How do I repay the CASHe personal loan?

You can repay through NEFT/IMPS/UPI only. CASHe do not accept Cash or Cheque for repayments.

Enter your CASHe CLN # as the account number in the field called account number and choose the account name as Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd.

  • IFSC code is KKBK0000958.

Please make sure that your entered information is correct while transferring funds.

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